April L. Johnson Professional Photographer and Pet Lover


Open Doors of AschevilleOn March 5th Open Doors of Asheville presented the 7th Annual Art Affair 2016: From Athena to Zeus, inside the stunning new Green Man Brewery located at 27 Buxton Ave. ¬†All proceeds generated by the gala directly support programs to reach the lives of Asheville’s underserved youth. View photos [ here ]



pups-in-a-tubPups in a Tub
Dog day at the groomers. Dogs and puppies bath day getting sprayed, lathered, clipped and blown dry. The images portray our beloved pets as we probably have not seen, dismayed, embarrassed, fearful, excited, depressed and nervous. My intent was to show a dog’s portrait before and after the grooming process but found the bath itself is what a dog’s day at the groomer’s is really about. 58 Pages.
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curlyFor the Love of Cats and Dogs
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