Session Information: It all starts with a personal pre-photo consultation. During this initial consult, I will discuss with you what I can offer so that the perfect imagery that suits your taste can be captured during your photo session. Together we will plan the perfect look and location for your images to be created either in the comfort of your home or in a location that holds a special place in your heart. Travel to the location of your choice within 15 minutes of downtown Asheville.

Please get in touch with me using my Contact Page  with your preferred date for your photo session. I prefer weekend sessions in late afternoon a couple of hours before sunset. We can also schedule a early morning session if need be. I will be in touch to finalize your session where you can approve the fee, sign the session agreement, pay your deposit and fill out the questionnaire about your pet. I would love to know about their appearance, personality and quirks.

We will next decide on the location. Sometimes it’s best to photograph at your home, where your pet is most comfortable, just as long as there is an abundance of natural light. If your dog has a favorite destination that is picturesque we can try to use it. Or we can use a beautiful or interesting location such as a park, urban location or trendy area as long as it is within a 20-minute range from downtown Asheville.

At this stage, we will have talked about how to be fully prepared and what to expect. You’re job during the session is to be there with your pet and to have handy favorite treats and toys. Then we just have a good time and relax with the animals, the more relaxed the better for the animals.

You will get to see all your final images for the first time 2 – 3 weeks after your photo session. The photos will be presented in a slideshow. Next we will meet for an ordering session to discuss the beautiful products I offer. We will select your favorite photos and determine product sizing and finish.

A few weeks after your ordering session your products will be ready for delivery. This is the best part where you finally get to see your favorite shots in print. I will follow up in a few days with my feedback form.

You are always welcome to place additional orders at a later date from your files, which are kept safe for five years.